With the calling away of our previous pastor, we are providentially seeking the next godly man to help lead our church as its next Senior Pastor. Any prospective pastoral candidate should be willing and able to help our church grow in several key areas if we are to continue to bring our vision into alignment with kingdom goals:

- As a church seeking greater evangelism, we desire to gain the courage and understanding to do God’s work and see more souls redeemed in the name of Christ.

- As a church seeking discipleship, we desire to live lives that imitate Christ’s; to grow in sanctification and cultivate the fruits of the spirit in ourselves and in others.

- As a church seeking fellowship, we desire closer spiritual walks with our fellow believers and to grow in encouragement and empathy for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

- As a church seeking ministry, we desire to serve and meet greater physical and spiritual needs both within the community and within the church.

- As a church seeking to grow in worship, we desire to give more glory to God in our thoughts, prayers, and daily interactions; praising God for his unmerited grace, His sustaining of the world around us, and for providentially-guiding our lives to greater communion with Him.



Though our church was originally founded in the 1890s, our current body is composed largely of original believers from Savannah Avenue Baptist Church and those from Sojourn Church who were providentially brought together in 2018. Our church currently has an average attendance of 50 – 75. Our worship service is largely contemporary with occasional nods to classic hymns and traditional worship music. Sojourn currently coordinates a Women’s Bible group, Church Prayer group, and Bible study Community Group that each meet on a weekly basis. Our church has stable finances, a predominantly middle-aged and middle-class congregation, and is blessed with many faithful volunteers. Our current outreach efforts include: the No Hunger Summer program, a Little Free Pantry, Youth Group, Care Portal, our Clothing Closet, and an annual Fall Harvest Festival.



Saint Joseph has a population of just over 72,000 and represents a unique mixture of both urban and rural lifestyles. Its location is roughly

forty minutes’ drive north of Kansas City; its primary attractions being historic museums, buildings, and homes, as well as several scenic parks. Baptists represent the largest mainline Protestant denomination in the city. Over half of St. Joe’s population follows no religion at all, which represents a huge opportunity to reach the unchurched with the gospel message. Our location has allowed us to minister to the needs of the lost in a low-income, inner-city neighborhood in the city’s north end.




Sojourn Church on Savannah Avenue is prayerfully-seeking a pastoral candidate who will:

- Demonstrate a genuine godly calling to ministry and express the biblical attributes of leadership as described in 1 Tim 3:1-13 & Titus 1:5-9.

- Be an ordained minister of the SBC or be willing to become one in a timely manner upon    appointment.

- Accept and serve according to our church’s governing documents and Statement of Faith    (BFM 2000).

- Faithfully and amicably serve alongside our current Worship Leader, Elder Council, Deacons and other volunteers.

- Provide spiritual guidance to the congregation through fellowship, preaching, prayer, living a life of both inward and outward faith, and through communion and baptism.

- Conduct church membership classes, weddings, and funerals as requested.

- Be attentive to the needs of the church through occasional hospital visitations, biblical counseling, corporate prayer, and meetings with various groups & individuals.

- Preach the Word of God in a way that is personal, engaging, and practical.