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At Sojourn we understand that discipleship isn't just a Sunday event. We want to grow in our faith and that requires relationships and opportunities to be open with others, ask hard questions, and be encouraged. We have some regular events and gathering for Men, Women, and all adults. Sojourn also hosts special events throughout the year.

  • Women's Study

    Here is an opportunity to gather and grow with other women. We discuss books of the Bible or use another Scripture based resource to help us apply the truth to our lives. Mondays, 9-11am at Sojourn.

  • Men's Breakfast

    This monthly event occurs on a Saturday morning, 8-11am. We share a meal totgether and are challenged during a time of teaching.

  • Community Groups

    The Christian faith was never intended to be lived out as a solo project. The church is the people of God living life together. To find more information click here.

  • Catalyst

    This is a place where Biblical truth and life come together. Wednesday nights at Sojourn, 7pm.