About us

Who we are and where we are heading as a church family.

Who We Are

Sojourn Church has one thing at its center, Jesus Christ. We are a family traveling along life's journey, who are experiencing the great joy and hope found in Christ. As a people changed by Jesus, we long to live in a way that displays his glory. As a church, we desire to share the good news of Christ with our surrounding community and throughout the earth.

Where We Came From

We are a body of people from a variety of backgrounds. Some of us have grown up in the church, while others are new to the whole church thing. As a church, we have decided to unite around the gospel and the Scriptures. We believe God has brought us here to sojourn together.

Where We Are Heading

As we journey together, we hope to  continually grow as a Christ-Centered, gospel-saturated community built on God’s sovereign grace. We believe that the way to accomplish this is through discipleship. This life doesn't promise to be easy. But by God's grace we have each other, so we do not have to walk this path alone. Join us as we seek to leave a legacy for the glory of God here, near, and far.

What Does This Mean For You

It doesn't matter where you may find yourself on the journey, you are welcome at Sojourn Church.  You don’t have to have your act together. You don’t even have to know where you are going. We would love to have you sojourn with us.

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