Kid's Ministry

We desire our children to find their joy in God. In our Kid's Ministry they will grow in God's truth, love, and grace. We use fun and engaging activities like music, crafts, and videos as part of our lessons to make Biblical truths relevant and understandable to each age group. 

We strive to create a safe environment for fun and faith exploration.  We look forward to having your child join us as we seek to grow up in Jesus Christ. 

Family Discipleship

At Sojourn, we seek to foster an atmosphere where parents not only comprehend but grow in embracing their role as the primary spiritual leaders of their family. This does not excuse or remove the

responsibility of the church in discipling our children spiritually. We are eager to see parents who are captivated by the gospel and understand their God given role as Father and Mother. We believe when this occurs, parents will  no longer depend on the children’s  ministry as the primary source for their child's spiritual development. Instead the church would function as a readily available resource to the home.